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If there’s one thing to say about chain restaurants like Chili’s, it’s that they’re typically consistent. If you walk in expecting your order to taste like the one you had in Dallas three years ago, it usually will. They’re also typically being managed by a corporation that expects a certain level of standards. The Chili’s Bar & Grill in Jacksonville doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been to the Chili’s in town several times, but we went in today specifically to give it a review.

We arrived when they opened on a Sunday. The hostess greeted us warmly and took us to the table, handed us a menu, then tried to explain that we could scan the QR code to also see the menu online. This didn’t work for us. While I appreciate technology, sitting in the middle of a restaurant is not the place to bring it to the surface. I don’t want to look at a menu online while I’m sitting at the table and my companion is looking at the paper version. The waitress came to our rescue and brought us a second menu. Not sure who thought this was a good idea, but I could do without.

On the other hand, the great thing about Chili’s is that they have a large and varied menu. For a couple of people who drove around wanting Mexican or pizza, Chili’s was an obvious and easy choice. We selected the Meal For Two dinner which is an excellent option when you’re wanting to save some money. An appetizer, two entree’s and a dessert totaled about half what it would be if you’d ordered it all separately. Selections were limited for the entree’s but that helped us finalize a decision on what we wanted to eat. Sometimes, fewer is better for indecisive folk.

We ordered chips and hot sauce, bacon ranch chicken quesadillas, and the skillet chocolate chip dessert. It was hot, filling and delicious. The chips arrived first and looked a little greasy, but they were thin, crisp and fresh. Hot sauce was great. The quesadillas were hot and tasty, and the cookie was absolutely to die for.

Taking a good look around the dining room and under the table, there was little to find fault in the cleanliness. We noticed some hand prints on the glass between the tables and bar, and in the short time we sat there it was cleaned. In addition to the nearly spotless dining room, the bathrooms were also scrubbed to perfection.

If you’re looking for a good meal, that remains consistent no matter how long between visits, the Chili’s in Jacksonville is a great place to visit.


1225 S Jackson St, Jacksonville, TX 75766



Disclaimer: Every restaurant has good and bad days. In the days of Covid, staffing shortages, food shortages, and the difficulties this "new world" brings, we aim to be very understanding in the conditions we find in the local eateries. Our goal is not to condemn good, honest establishments, but to hold them accountable for providing sanitary conditions, and the best service and food within these circumstances. There's no excuse for unsanitary conditions or poorly prepared food. Quite the opposite. This is the best time and conditions to do better. Because there are a good many restaurants that are doing just that. Excel. We truly want you to succeed.

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