Who Are We?

A couple of new-comers getting to know our new home.

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Who are we?

We're just a couple of native Texans who have made Jacksonville our new home. We're average folks with jobs, a family, and regular lives. Not rich or poor, just typical Texans like most everyone else in town. We're no one, and everyone. Every customer that walks in the door are us.

Why are we doing this?

Like you, we live in this community and out of necessity need to shop and eat. Normally introverts who rarely leave home and rely on the internet to fulfill most of our needs, one day we decided to change that.

It started as an idea to try out all the restaurants in town just to get us out of the house, and then became a venue to let others know the great places in town to eat. And then shop.

Supporting local businesses is the goal.

In a day and age where everyone shops online, and yet are desperate to live in a thriving community, we decided to put our money where it is needed most. Home. Our home is Jacksonville, and when and where possible our money goes to the business owners in town.

However, business owners need a stake in keeping the Jacksonville locals coming into their shops and eateries by providing clean, friendly, and quality products, services and food. This website is a way to hold them accountable for both the good and bad. We will praise those who do the hard work, and needle the ones that don't.

It's not personal. This is business 101. Take care of your customers, and they'll keep coming back. We plan to do our part in making sure the residents of Jacksonville know you're there, and how well you're doing your part.

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