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When it comes to fast food burgers in town, Dairy Queen is usually one that gets overlooked with folks favoring some of the other, faster, options in town. But in reality, Dairy Queen makes a large, flavorful burger that rivals Whataburger in every sense of the word. The difference is, of course, the myriad of ice cream options that they also serve. And they do serve the absolute best ice cream dishes in town.

We normally swing by Dairy Queen to pick up some ice cream snacks after picking up a feed load at Tractor Supply. But in our quest to try every restaurant in town, we stopped in for dinner one afternoon. I failed to take pictures of the actual food because we didn’t eat in the lobby. Burger and steak fingers were good, flavorful and hot. Fries were crisp and well seasoned and the onion rings were great.

The one complaint about Dairy Queen that I’ve seen statewide, is the cleanliness. A person really has to turn a blind eye to the filth in order to eat that burger. I know this particular Dairy Queen has a high turnover rate, but the service has always been friendly, but perhaps a little aloof. Not having enough employees will prevent keeping a place clean, and they do have a steady stream of customers coming through, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it spotless.

There’s really no excuse for a place to be so dirty. If you’ve got time to stand, you’ve got time to clean.

Will we eat there again? Of course. It’s Dairy Queen, I don’t expect much. But, shouldn’t we?


1501 South Jackson Street, Jacksonville, TX 75766




Disclaimer: Every restaurant has good and bad days. In the days of Covid, staffing shortages, food shortages, and the difficulties this "new world" brings, we aim to be very understanding in the conditions we find in the local eateries. Our goal is not to condemn good, honest establishments, but to hold them accountable for providing sanitary conditions, and the best service and food within these circumstances. There's no excuse for unsanitary conditions or poorly prepared food. Quite the opposite. This is the best time and conditions to do better. Because there are a good many restaurants that are doing just that. Excel. We truly want you to succeed.

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