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After seeing post after post of delicious looking food from El lagunero de Jacksonville on Facebook, we decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did. Because I’m a creature of habit, and typically order the same thing, I asked the server for her recommendation and got everything she recommended. Was not disappointed.

El lagunero de Jacksonville is located in the downtown district off of Ragsdale, just one block off of Highway 69. The exterior is freshly painted, and the storefront is fully glassed with big windows. Walking in, those windows highlight the pristine interior. Boldly colored in happy hues, the cleanliness sticks out. There’s not a drop of dirt or dust anywhere. Every surface was clear, and shiny which is always a good sign of what is happening in the back. Pride up front, usually means pride in the food quality as well.

You know how most Tex-Mex places give you rice and beans on the plate? They’re usually okay, but they’re never the star of the show. El lagunero de Jacksonville however serves up some of the best beans and rice I’ve ever eaten. At my age, that’s a hard statement to make, but it’s true. The beans were exceptionally seasoned. The rice wasn’t dry and tasteless. It was moist, and super flavorful. One of us had the beef gorditas, the other shrimp quesadillas, both with beans and rice. Sweet tea and Dr Pepper for drinks.

The food was exceptional. Everything was fresh from the lettuce to the hand made fried corn tortillas that made the base of the gordita. The chips and hot sauce were fresh, tasty, and crisp.

Service was impeccable. Our server stayed in contact with us throughout ensuring we liked our food and our drinks were full. Interaction with other customers both in the restaurant and for pickup orders was full of smiles, and friendly.

Will we go back? Yes, and that’s the problem. When you find a place with food this good, you don’t want to try any others. If you haven’t had a chance to visit El Lagunero yet, you should. I would say they have the best Mexican food in town and in Texas, that’s a bold statement.


215 S. Ragsdale, Jacksonville, TX 75766



Disclaimer: Every restaurant has good and bad days. In the days of Covid, staffing shortages, food shortages, and the difficulties this "new world" brings, we aim to be very understanding in the conditions we find in the local eateries. Our goal is not to condemn good, honest establishments, but to hold them accountable for providing sanitary conditions, and the best service and food within these circumstances. There's no excuse for unsanitary conditions or poorly prepared food. Quite the opposite. This is the best time and conditions to do better. Because there are a good many restaurants that are doing just that. Excel. We truly want you to succeed.

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