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Posados Cafe is one of the larger Tex-Mex offerings in town. We’ve eaten there several times over the years, all with about the same results. The food is passable, but bland. On our last visit, the one shining star was the server. In a time where good help is hard to find, the waitress absolutely made the visit worthwhile.

Because I’m a creature of habit, and typically order the exact same thing when I visit a Tex-Mex restaurant, so I asked for the server’s recommendation. She suggested street tacos. I got the shrimp with a side of beans and tortilla soup. The soup was passable. Beans were bland. The tacos themselves were odd. The corn tortillas were double stacked, then fried or toasted in some way. The outside tortilla was fine, if not greasy. However, the interior tortilla was soggy and doughy. It was nasty, to be frank. The only way to eat them was to dump the ingredients out and eat it like a salad.

The taco filling was chopped small, while the avocado was cut large making it difficult to eat. The queso tasted, and looked, like powdered cheese mixed with real cheese, and tasted watery, and once again, bland.

Dining room was clean enough, not perfect by any stretch, but clean enough. There was gum under the table, and the booth cracks were filled with debris, but the floors and tables were clean.

Will we go back? Eh. If someone wanted to go there, sure. Would we pick it out on purpose? Likely not. There are better options in town and until Posados decides to make its food a priority, and quit living on it’s historical roots, then it won’t be our first choice for Tex-Mex. Which is a shame. It has a lot of potential.


2402 Beaumont St Jacksonville, TX 75766




Disclaimer: Every restaurant has good and bad days. In the days of Covid, staffing shortages, food shortages, and the difficulties this "new world" brings, we aim to be very understanding in the conditions we find in the local eateries. Our goal is not to condemn good, honest establishments, but to hold them accountable for providing sanitary conditions, and the best service and food within these circumstances. There's no excuse for unsanitary conditions or poorly prepared food. Quite the opposite. This is the best time and conditions to do better. Because there are a good many restaurants that are doing just that. Excel. We truly want you to succeed.

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